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Welcome to MyHC, the Howard College student portal.  Please login above with your network userid and password to access your information.  If you have any questions or problems with your login, please contact: 

How to log into myHC?

  • The login for myHC is your Howard College network login.  This is the username and password that is used to log into a computer when you are on one of the HC campuses. 
  • Students Username: is the first part of your howard college email and the default password is Hcnnnnnnnnn (n=your studentid). 
  • Network password/access Help: 432 264-5055 (Big Spring) / 325 481-8300 ext 4357 (San Angelo) or email at

How to get to Campus Connect?

  • First Login using your HC Username and Password
  • Once you have logged in Campus Connect is now a tab at the top.  Click on the tab and accept the agreement to view your new dashboard.

How to Accept/Decline Financial Aid Awards?

  • Once you have clicked on Campus Connect, to accept or decline Financial Aid awards click on Aid Online in the side bar.  All other options are in the dashboard or in the drop down menus under the Campus Connect tab.

How to Utilize the HC Password Reset?

  • Once you have clicked on the HC Password Reset link you will be re-directed to another login page.
  • If this is your first time seeing this page you will need to use the username and password boxes on the left to login and set up your security questions, answers, and hints. You must set up at least 3 security questions.  (this step is required before being able to utilize the reset option because you will be required to answer at least three questions correctly to successfully reset your password)
  • If you have already set up your security questions you will use the username box on the right to bring up your security questions.  Type in your correct answers and your new password and click on Reset Password.  
  • If you have locked yourself out of your account by entering to many incorrect passwords on a PC or computer on the HC network you can also select the username box on the right side of the login page, answer your security questions, and click the unlock account button to free up your account.  Then you can proceed to the password reset if you need to reset your password.